UG program starting in Fall 2021
Designed to create ethical leaders who will leverage technology and social sciences to impact organisations and society. Students are prepared to address the grand challenges of India, the region and the world, by developing the necessary technical depth with the cross-disciplinary knowledge of humanities, arts and social sciences.
Four B Tech degrees We will offer four highly interdisciplinary undergraduate degrees from Aug 2021. Each degree is unique, cutting-edge, forward-looking and aligned with the needs of the 21st century.

Student journey

The program has been designed to develop academic depth as well as skill sets and mindsets that will stay with the students through their life, irrespective of the career paths they choose. In each of their 4 years, students will be required to take a few core classes (across disciplines), as well as choose electives in various fields of study.

Year 1

Unlearn, Learn, Relearn

You will embark on an exciting first year where you will unlearn certain old habits (e.g. rote learning), learn new skills and mindsets (e.g. interdisciplinary thinking, maker mindset, teamwork), and rekindle your innate qualities (e.g. curiosity, asking ‘why’, creativity). You will also develop foundational technical, social and humanistic understanding that will be core to every Plakshan.

Year 2

Choose your Path

In the second year, you will continue your process of discovery and play an increasingly active role in charting your journey. You will opt for a major of your choice, and be guided by a faculty advisor in this important decision. Later in the year, you will start to go deeper in your major, and also pick a real-world problem area of your interest.

Year 3

Building Depth

In the third year, you will focus on developing deep expertise in an area, which not only involves building deep knowledge, but also developing the right skill sets to build impactful solutions. You will find yourself connecting the dots through an eclectic mix of classes at the intersection of technology, sciences and liberal arts.

Year 4

Applying your knowledge

This year will be an opportunity to combine your knowledge, passion and skills to go deeper in tackling an inspiring problem area. Working in interdisciplinary teams on a real-world problem at a company, research institution, non-profit or your own start-up, you will also be free to adventure through advanced electives in areas related or unrelated to your major.

Plaksha Freshmore Curriculum
  • Computing & Data Science
  • Humanities, Self and Leadership
  • Innovation Lab & Grand Challenge Studio
  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Technical Core
Introduction to Computational Thinking

Programming & Problem Solving

Intro to Data Science, AI and ML


Critical Thinking & Scientific Reasoning

Science, Engineering & Society

Ethics: AI, Robotics, Bio and Economics

Innovation Lab & Grand Challenge Studios I, II and III

Foundational Engineering Math I

Probability & Statistics

Foundational Engineering Math II

Introduction to the Physical World

Introduction to Nature’s Machines

Intelligent Machines

Introduction to Microeconomics

Design Thinking

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