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Plaksha invites applications for tenure-track positions at the Assistant, Associate and full Professor levels from candidates with a Ph.D. in computer science, electrical or mechanical engineering, or related fields; interest and experience in interdisciplinary topics such as data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, sensors, IoT, autonomous vehicles, robotics, etc., and a track record of creating impact via research, innovation in teaching, industry practice or entrepreneurial ventures.

The faculty will implement project-based and experiential learning experiences, and aim at creating technology leaders of tomorrow who make a deep and far-reaching impact on society. Key faculty responsibilities include teaching and mentoring students at the Bachelor, Masters and Doctoral level, and helping to realize the vision and mission of Plaksha through the establishment of research centers & laboratories of global eminence and/or developing innovative courses and curricula. In line with the vision of the university, we specifically seek founding faculty members with the following characteristics:

  • A strong commitment to impacting student’s lives through education and/or mentorship.

  • A strong commitment and track record in one or more of the following:

    • Research framed by grand challenges of India and the world in the 21st century

    • Research with impact on industry, public policy, practice, sustainable development etc.

    • Making inventions/ commercializing technology/software or other entrepreneurial experience

    • Experience in leading companies, or other significant industrial/corporate experience

    • Innovative pedagogy and/or scholarship of education and/or interdisciplinary education

  • An interdisciplinary mindset, in the broadest sense, recognizing the need for partnerships between social sciences, humanities and STEM disciplines, and willingness to learn from colleagues with different perspectives.

  • A passion for institution-building with a desire for continuous improvement, entrepreneurial mindset and a can-do attitude.

  • A willingness to work in a team, by accepting others’ ideas, partnering, leading or following, as needed to accomplish team objectives.

Faculty members at Plaksha will receive several benefits, including but not limited to, competitive joining packages and salaries, seed grants for research, mentorship opportunities from members of an eminent global Academic Advisory Board and other members of the Plaksha family, along with the opportunity to contribute to and create research labs and centers.

We are committed to maintaining diversity and welcome applications from all nationalities. Plaksha is committed to supporting dual career couples and has dedicated staff to help with transitioning the faculty’s family to living in Chandigarh, including help with schools, housing, connecting to the larger community etc.

Applicants should send their (1) Cover letter (2) CV (3) Teaching statement expressing their views on interdisciplinary education, (4) Research statement, (5) A page on statement of impact describing their academic, entrepreneurial and industrial experience, (6) a list of three references.

There is no deadline for faculty position applications, rather applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis starting June 1, 2020. The appointment dates are flexible. If you would like to know more or have any questions, please contact us at

Academic Advisory Board

Our vision is guided by eminent academicians and thought leaders across the world

Academic Team

Following faculty have been hired by Reimagining Higher Education Foundation for the proposed Plaksha University.

Dr. B L Ramakrishna

Chief Academic Advisor,
Inaugural Director, Grand Challenges
Scholars Program, NAE

Dhiraj Sinha



Visiting faculty at Plaksha Tech Leaders Fellowship, offered by Reimagining Higher Education Foundation, are leading academicians from all over the world. We also have outstanding people from industry come and teach.