Plaksha University - The technology university for the future. It has been founded to reimagine technology education and research

Plaksha brings together a great community of technology entrepreneurs, business leaders and top academicians from across the globe to create a new model of engineering education and research. This model involves collapsing the boundaries of engineering disciplines, bringing design and entrepreneurship into the curriculum and integrating it strongly with the liberal arts. An education at Plaksha will involve acquiring knowledge of advanced technologies like computing science & artificial intelligence, robotics & cyber physical systems, biological systems engineering and data science, while cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset, to apply technology for societal impact. Graduating engineers who lead and make this world a better place is our mission. Plaksha University will open its campus in Mohali in August 2021 and is currently under the process of regulatory approval.

Plaksha’s Vision

A New Model of Technology Education


Plaksha is collaborating with top institutes globally. It has already signed partnership agreements with :

Founding Group

70+ Business Leaders and Technology Entrepreneurs


*Architect's Renderings


According to the Indian scriptures, the River Saraswati, synonymous with learning, originated from a
'world-tree' called Plaksha.

'Plaksha' therefore reflects

the idea of the university as a tree, from which a river of learning flows endlessly, nourishing the community.

50 acre campus
near Chandigarh Airport

Proposed Plaksha University's tech-first campus is spread over 50-acres in Mohali, close to the Chandigarh International Airport. The campus is being

designed by Plan A, a New York based architecture firm.

Phase 1 of the campus will be

complete by 2021

By 2035, the campus will have

6000 students.