Inventing our future

Welcome to the upcoming Plaksha University, being founded to reimagine technology education and research by a global community of entrepreneurs, business leaders and academicians. The vision is to create the next generation of fearless leaders who will solve the toughest challenges of our planet.

Reimagining tech education

We will empower graduates with more than just a deep understanding of science and technology.
We will nurture critical thinkers, effective communicators, and empathetic and creative leaders.

We partner with top institutions globally

Our partners share the same belief as us - to reimagine engineering education and research. We work very closely with them on curriculum design, delivery, faculty, student exchanges and collaborative research

Founded by CXOs, entrepreneurs and organizations

A collective philanthropic effort of over 65+ business leaders and eminent tech entrepreneurs.

Our campus grows with you

50 acres of space with a capacity of 6000 students. Minutes away from Chandigarh International Airport.

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A view

Rethinking engineering: Taking a humanistic approach to tech education

Saif Khan shares his journey from IIT Kharagpur to Plaksha TLF


What is Plaksha's undergraduate program?

Meet the team and find out about our cutting edge majors. Every Friday. Limited slots.


Change-makers and academic leaders meet to reinvent tech education


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Be part of our tech savvy network



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