Undergraduate Program - Plaksha University


A new approach to undergraduate engineering education

Our undergraduate program is designed to create technology leaders who will create an impact in the world. Our cutting-edge programs are offered in a truly integrated, experiential and project-based environment. Our graduates will be well prepared with not only the necessary technical depth and engineering skills but also with the cross-disciplinary knowledge including humanities, arts, human and social sciences, design thinking, an entrepreneurial mindset, and a global perspective. We do this by -

Interdisciplinary Engineering Education

This approach will dismantle the walls between different engineering disciplines and lead to students being natural problem solvers with an ability to connect the dots.

Integrating Liberal Arts, Design and Entrepreneurship

The core curriculum will not just be limited to engineering and sciences, but bring in exposure to liberal arts, entrepreneurship and design which will enable humane and empathetic outcomes through technology.

Hands-on Pedagogy and blended learning

Students will be immersed in experiential learning from day one and learn by creating. By incorporating flipped classroom techniques, online learning mechanisms and industry capstone projects, students will become more context-aware and develop critical problem-solving abilities.

Self and Leadership

We believe that to be a leader in society we have to first know ourselves. Our leadership curriculum focuses on self development and continuous self improvement. Developing skills like critical thinking, creativity and collaboration is at the heart of our curriculum.


In the inaugural year, Plaksha will offer two degrees with a focus on interdisciplinary engineering concentrations. Students will graduate with a B.Tech degree in either of the 2 streams:

Computing and Intelligence

This program will integrate elements of computer science with elements of machine learning, artificial intelligence and neuro-linguistic programming, as well as natural intelligence and human-computer interfaces.

Robotics, Autonomy and Connected Systems

This program will integrate elements of electrical engineering with elements of robotics, autonomous systems, internet of things


Post Graduate
Tech Leaders Fellowship

The Plaksha Tech Leaders Fellowship (TLF) is a first-of-its-kind, one year, fully residential, post-graduate program with the aim of creating tech leaders from India, for the world. It interweaves Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) with real-world application, leadership and mentorship.

The program has been designed and is being delivered in partnership with UC Berkeley and Purdue University.

High School
Young Tech Scholars

Young Technology Scholars (YTS) is a two-week intensive summer program where students are exposed to real-world engineering and problem-solving. Through hands-on learning and interdisciplinary coursework, students learn how to leverage technology to solve complex problems. We wish to turn the next generation of students into tinkerers, idea generators, and fearless pattern sniffers with a strong motivation to identify and work on the most challenging problems of the world.