FAQs - Plaksha Tech Leaders Fellowship ;

Frequently Asked Questions

I am currently in college. Am I eligible to apply?

If you are in the final year of college and will successfully complete the degree by Summer 2021, yes, you can apply!

Is an engineering degree mandatory to be eligible?

No. Anyone with a Bachelor’s degree in engineering, math or science may apply. Technical prerequisites in math and programming are defined here. If you are certain that you meet these technical prerequisites, without the aforementioned degrees, you are welcome to apply and we may consider your application.

Are scholarships available? What are the criteria?

Yes. We are committed to curating the 60 best candidates across the country. To ensure that lack of funds is not a hindrance for deserving candidates, liberal scholarships are being offered for the Fellowship as detailed here. Scholarships will be provided on a merit-cum-means basis.

What credentials will I receive at the end of the Fellowship?

After completing the Plaksha Tech Leaders Fellowship, you will receive a certificate co-signed by the Reimagining Higher Education Foundation and Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology, University of California, Berkeley.

I have an AI/ML startup idea. Can I work on it as my Capstone Project?

You will be required to pitch your idea to the Capstone Committee. The Committee will evaluate the proposal with a high bar on technical rigor and feasibility. If approved by the committee, we would be glad to support your startup idea as your Capstone Project, right from mentorship to business opportunities.

I have existing accommodation in Delhi NCR. Can I stay there and attend only the classroom lectures?

The Fellowship is a fully residential program as peer learning, inside and outside the classroom, is a big component of the pedagogy. In order to facilitate this, we require Fellows to stay at the residential facilities provisioned for the program.

Can I work at a job alongside the fellowship/pursue the fellowship online?

No, the Fellowship is intensive, and demands full-time commitment.

How do I know if the Tech Leaders Fellowship is right for me?

The Tech Leaders Fellowshipis right for you if you want to roll up your sleeves and leverage technology to make real-world impact. In the Fellowship, you will learn concepts, tools and techniques in AI/ML and Data Science in the context of how to apply these to design products, systems and solutions for people. Signature experiences such as the Capstone, Challenge Lab and Grand Challenge Lecture Series, leadership and mentorship will prepare you for the real-world and real problems throughout your career.

After completing the Fellowship what kind of careers open up for me?

TLF is designed to fulfill a widely acknowledged industry need for graduates who not only understand technology but also how to apply it to develop holistic solutions for people. Academicians and professors of Practice who have created TLF, themselves experience this gap in graduates they work with, and designed the program to fill that gap. We expect this cohort of 60 Fellows to be in huge demand across a variety of industry roles and functions as described here. Graduates may also choose to embark on an entrepreneurial journey instead or pursue further study. Lastly, you will discover the value of your learning not only in your starting position upon graduation, but in your accelerated growth path to leadership and influence in any career.

Is there an application fee?

No, there is no application fee.

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