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Tech Leaders Fellowship is a launchpad for high impact careers

Fellows will go on to lead organizations, build path-breaking ventures and address real-world problems for India and the world.

Starting Roles

Include but not be limited to Product Manager, Product Designer, Software Architect, Data Scientist, Data Engineer, UX Designer, Start-up Founder/ CEO/CTO/COO, pursue Doctoral Studies.


Range across Technology, Fintech, Biotech, Auto, Agri-tech, E-commerce, Data analytics, Blockchain, Banking, Consulting, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Venture Capital, Research Labs, Non-Profit Organizations and more.

Companies led by Plaksha Founders*

*Currently or Formerly

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  • Bluestacks Logo
  • Roundglass Logo
  • Netflix Logo
  • Warburg Logo
  • Schlumberger Logo
  • Zomato Logo
  • Appito Logo
  • Veddis Logo
  • Incedo Logo
  • Infoedge Logo
  • Innov8 Logo
  • Fusioncharts Logo
  • Bcg Logo
  • Indifi Logo
  • Clix Logo
  • Arcesium Logo
  • Benori Logo
  • Nagarro Logo
  • Mphasis Logo
  • Complus Logo
  • Vivtera Logo
  • Rbs Logo
  • Tech Machindra Logo
  • Helion Logo
  • Mission Holdings Logo
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  • Jamboree Logo
  • Flowering Tree Logo
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  • Rippledot Logo
  • Aakash Institute Logo
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Recruit from the founding batch of TLF:

The Career Development Team would like to hear from you on how we can help meet your recruitment needs. To learn more about recruitment from the founding batch of TLF that graduates in June 2020, email us at