Plaksha Tech Leaders Fellowship - 1 Year, classroom program, AI/ML centric

Plaksha Tech Leaders

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Application deadline (last round) : June 21 2020

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The Plaksha Tech Leaders Fellowship (TLF) is a one year, fully residential, post-graduate program to nurture leaders in technology who are:

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Passionate about
designing scalable
tech-centric solutions

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Constantly tinkering,
making and trying
new ideas

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Excited by the thought of creating impact at scale

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60 handpicked Fellows from diverse backgrounds

Liberal Scholarships | From 25% to 100%

Top-notch faculty from around the world

UC Berkeley, Purdue University, UMichigan, UPenn, Google, IBM

One year, fully residential experience

Aug 31, 2020 to July 2021

Over 70+ industry leaders, tech entrepreneurs and senior academicians from across the world have come together to found Plaksha University and radically reimagine engineering education. Plaksha University will be located in Mohali, Punjab and will be operational by 2021. TLF is being offered by Reimagining Higher Education Foundation, the founding body of Plaksha University.

TLF is an outcome of the collective founding vision. The program has been designed to create tech leaders who will lead organizations, build path-breaking ventures and help solve real world challenges for India and the world.

The first-of-its-kind, TLF interweaves Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) with real-world application, leadership and mentorship.

The curriculum has been designed by a Program Committee of academicians and cutting-edge AI and ML practitioners and researchers.

TLF is built on four intertwined threads: Data-X coursework (AI and ML, design and systems thinking), Real-world Projects (Challenge Lab and Capstone Project), Guest Sessions by domain experts, business leaders and entrepreneurs, and Leadership and Mentorship. The Capstone will be intense AI and ML centric projects across three months at leading corporations or research labs.

Founding Group

Co-Founded by over 70+ business leaders and technology entrepreneurs across five countries.

Academic Advisory Board

The vision is being guided by eminent academicians and thought leaders across the world.

TLF Program Committee

Leading academicians and practitioners in AI, ML, Data Science and Leadership, have helped shape the curriculum.



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