Lalit Agarwal

Current Position

Chairman and Managing Director, V-Mart Retail

Founder & Trustee, Plaksha


NMIMS (Financial Management)


Before setting up V-Mart, Lalit was involved in setting up of a printing and packaging unit, a water theme park in Kolkata and was also associated with a retail chain till 2003. He has more than 16 years of rich experience in the retail industry. With a vision to establish the concept of value retailing in certain untapped regions of India, he set up units of retail stores under the brand name of V-Mart in the year 2003. He spearheads the company and is responsible for formulating and implementing the business plans.

Passionate about creating value for all the stakeholders in the existing ecosystem.Understanding the nuances of various businesses is what gives him kick.Fortunate to be part of retail revolution unleashing in India. Expanding the current set of businesses is the prime target right now, but would be open to opportunities, if any, which may or may not be related to retail. Open to joint ventures or any alliances.