Dr. Dhiraj Sinha

Current Position

Assistant Professor, Plaksha

Past association

  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Research Fellow, Singapore University of Technology and Design

Research Interests

  • Microelectromechanical systems (micromachines, sensors and actuators)
  • Ultra-small antenna design for cellular technologies
  • Thermodynamics and electromagnetic field effects in microscopic systems with low dimensions


Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering

University of Cambridge, UK


Dhiraj is a faculty member at Plaksha. His research interests are converged towards radiating structures with low degrees of freedom. In that context, he has explored ultra-small antenna design and sensing, besides investigating thermodynamics and electromagnetic field effects in microscopic systems with low dimensions.

He studied electrical engineering at the Institute of Engineering and Technology, University of Lucknow, India and Telecommunications at ENST de Bretagne, Brest, France. He earned a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from University of Cambridge, UK. During the latter part of his stay at Cambridge and as the CTO of Smantenna Ltd, a thin film based antenna startup, he worked on research and commercialization of thin film based antennas. This was followed by a brief stint at Oscion, a technology consulting firm, following which he joined the Singapore University of Technology and Design, Singapore as a Research Fellow. Subsequently, he worked as a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology before joining Plaksha.