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B.Tech in Biological Systems Engineering

The Biological Systems Engineering program combines the power of biology, computing & engineering to tackle some of the greatest challenges for human & planetary health. Our population’s health is dominated by various diseases, & are exacerbated by major risk factors such as air pollution, malnutrition & vast regional differences in health care services. The vision for the BSE program is to transform health outcomes for the world, by leveraging the powerful convergence of data, digital health, biologics manufacturing & biology. Application Deadline10 Jan, 2021
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Experiential Learning

Integrated learning experience across 4 years. You will work on authentic, real world projects through industry and community engagement or by research with faculty.
By having access to state-of-the-art makerspaces and coding cafes and incorporating them in the curriculum, students will become more context-aware, develop critical thinking abilities, and learn by creating. This will help foster a tinkering and problem solving mindset, immersing students in experiential learning from day one. These areas will be open to students to explore, create, prototype and design, while also housing equipment and technologies like 3D printers, sensors, etc.
The core curriculum will not just be limited to engineering and sciences, but bring in exposure to entrepreneurship and design which will enable humane and empathetic outcomes through technology. Each student will undertake multiple different experiences to develop skills like finding opportunities, creating value, and embracing risks. Students will be mentored and supported by Plaksha founders and professionals from industry.
At Plaksha, learning and skill development do not stop in the classroom. Students will have the opportunity to create and immerse themselves in pursuing their academic and creative interests. Student led clubs will be autonomous bodies that operate under the purview of the Office of Student Life. Being the founding batch, students will be encouraged to help establish a vibrant culture through clubs and societies on campus.
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